Ballet National de Marseille

Sunday 25 February 2018 - 16:00

Théâtre La Licorne
Cannes Destination Tetris1
Cannes Destination Tetris2
"Tetris" - Dance


Suitable for children over 5 and adults

Inspired by the legendary video game of the 1980s, the choreography metaphorically illustrates the encounter and ties which bind men together through the game. In terms of human combinations, the imagination of the choreographer seems boundless, demonstrating that there are a thousand and one ways to fill the stage. Eric Kaiel shows how a group forms and creates its own language. But watch out for the moment when the bodies break away! The group spirit disappears. Individuals become independent and have to come to terms with themselves. A nod to today's technology, Tetris reminds us that despite everything and since the dawn of time, it is the game which brings people together and creates bonds. In this extremely physical work, full of a whimsical inventiveness, Eric Kaiel proves he is a choreographer to watch.

Time and Rates

Duration : 50mn

Public Price : 14€ /Subscriber : 12€ / Price -26 years : 12€ /price -10 years : 12€


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Concept and choreography : Erik Kaiel
With the dancers of the Ballet National de Marseille and BNMNEXT
Sound design and costumes : Erik Kaiel
Work created for Arch8 in 2011 - became part of the repertoire of BNM on 23 March 2017