CCN de Tours - Thomas Lebrun

Friday 08 December 2017 - 18:00

Théâtre Croisette / Hôtel JW Marriott
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"Another look at memory" - Dance


Thomas Lebrun offers a trio that explores the very substance of dance.

In an interview with Marguerite Duras, Thomas Lebrun revisits the memory of dance. Since his last piece Avant toutes disparitions [Before every disappearance], the choreographer links the script, anchored in the body, with a form of “absence of self” as being the very essence of the dancer. In fact, this ephemeral warrior vanishes with every movement, before reappearing apparently “neither exactly the same, nor quite another”.

“I like to script dance and I love these bodies that tell the tale, these bodies that carry the stories, not just their own, but also those of others. They do not incite question on this dance state, this privileged state of being nothing other than a body that tells a tale, a body inhabited by these memories” confirms Thomas Lebrun. For this creation, the choreographer has called on three dancers who have followed him for some ten years or more: Raphaël Cottin, Anne-Emmanuelle Deroo and Anne-Sophie Lancelin. This was not by chance. Only great dancers, who follow a choreographer for a long time, can transcribe his idea, with this way of following his script while being completely themselves and stepping aside in the face of the work to be portrayed.

Thomas Lebrun is an artist who sculpts dance. His artistic idea is characterized by a bodily representation, his choreography. His reflection starts from a very deep source of inspiration to end up materialized in movement into which his own stories are woven.

An outstanding dancer, and a man of responsibility – he created his company, Illico, in 2000 then took on the direction of the Tours Centre Choréographique National [National Choreography Centre] in 2012 – Thomas Lebrun is one of the most affirmed scriptwriters in French dance. The imagination of dance, the genre, the love and sexuality, the memory: these are recurrent themes in his career; emblematic of a search from which mankind is never absent.

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