Le Mouvement de l'Air

Saturday 28 January 2017 - 20:30

Palais des Festivals et des Congrés
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Cannes Des
Adrien M & Claire B - Dance


After Pixel, the result of a collaboration with the choreographer Mourad Merzouki, part of the last season in Cannes, the two friends return to unveil a sumptuous work for us, a spectacular fusion between choreography and digital images imbued with a dreamlike charm. On stage or weightless in mid-air, the performers dance with the animated images which are generated live. Between the flesh & bone creatures and their intangible partners, mirages with an ephemeral presence, a fascinating interaction begins to emerge: while the dancers move through the constantly changing space provided by the images, the images themselves seem to come alive under the dancers’ movements. A symbiotic performance of a delightful emotional power, a subtly orchestrated aesthetic fairyland.

Time and Rates

Duration : 1h

First série orchestra : Public Price 25 € / Reduced Price 22 € /Subscriber 19 € / -26 years 19 € / -10 years 10 €

Second série balcony : Public Price 19 € / Reduced Price 16 € / Subscriber 13 € / -26 years 12 € / -10 years 10 €


5 shows to choose freely to benefit the subscriber price!



Suitable for children over 10 and adults

Idea, artistic direction, set and stage direction: Claire Bardainne & Adrien Mondot, Digital design : Adrien Mondot
Choreography : Yan Raballand
Dance : Rémy Boissy, Farid Ayelem Rahmouni, Maëlle Reymond
Original music and performance : Jérémy Chartier
Mixing board and flying systems : Arnaud Gonzalez
Lighting : Yan Godat
Sound : Régis Estreich