Libres sont les Papillons

Sunday 26 March 2017 - 16:00

Palais des Festivals et des Congrés
Cannes Destination libressontlespapillons
Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt - Jean-Luc Moreau - Nathalie Roussel - Julien Dereims - Theater


Julien has just moved into a studio and meets his young neighbour, who falls under the charm of the young man. But his mother who is ever present, will stop at nothing to smother the burgeoning romance and protect her son and his secret. Cleverly transposed into a contemporary Paris, this American play from the Seventies reveals its universal character. Managing to be tender, funny and ferocious, oscillating between laughter and tears, it takes us on a delicious emotional roller coaster. The precise stage direction and a brilliant performance from the actors raise this metaphorical ode to freedom to another level, where each character strives to free themselves from a personal straitjacket in order to accept and learn to love themselves.

Time and Rates

Duration : 1h30

First série orchestra : Public Price 34 € / Reduced Price 31 € /Subscriber 28 € / -26 years 28 € / -10 years 10 €

Second série balcony : Public Price 28 € / Reduced Price 25 € / Subscriber 22 € / -26 years 15 € / -10 years 10 €


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By Leonard Gershe
Adaptation : Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
Stage direction : Jean-Luc Moreau
With Nathalie Roussel, Anouchka Delon, Julien Dereims, Guillaume Beyeler

Julien Dereims received the nomination for the male newcomer at the Molières 2016