Peau de Vache

Saturday 03 March 2018 - 20:30

Palais des Festivals et des Congrès - Théâtre Debussy
Cannes Destination peaudevache1
Cannes Destination peaudevache2
De Pierre Barillet et Jean-Pierre Grédy - Theater


Alexis, a famous cellist, is married to the tyrannical Marion, the cow (peau de vache, in French), of the play's title, who controls everything from his career to his potential misdemeanours, and doesn't mince her words. While Alexis seems to accept Marion's battle-axe tendencies, the arrival of the gentle Pauline will overturn everything: the two women, total opposites will then confront each other and reveal themselves.
After the success of Fleur de cactus, which won a Molière in 2016, Michel Fau has produced another play by Barillet and Grédy: a comic gem written in the 1970s, in which Chantal Ladesou plays the irresistible Marion. Masterfully uplifted by her fellow Thespians, the actress injects a burlesque madness into her bafflingly natural performance for this fiercely funny study of morals. In this she is helped by a deliciously kitsch original stage design, over which the ultra-realistic characters gambol around mixing contradictions, doubts and mysteries.

Time and Rates

Duration : 1h40

1st série orchestra : Public Price : 40€ / Reduced Price : 37€ / Subscriber : 34€ / Price -26 years : 34€ / Price -10 years : 12€

2nd série balcony : Public Price : 30€ / Reduced Price : 27€ / Subscriber : 24€ / Price -26 years : 20€ / Price -10 years : 12€


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By Pierre Barillet and Jean-Pierre Grédy
Stage direction: Michel Fau
With Chantal Ladesou, Grégoire Bonnet, Anne Bouvier, Urbain Cancelier, Maxime Lombard, Stéphanie Bataille and Gérald Cesbron