Un Fil à la patte

Wednesday 25 January 2017 - 20:30

Palais des Festivals et des Congrés
Cannes Destination unfilalapatte
Georges Feydeau - Yvan Le Bolloc'h - Catherine Jacob - Dominique Pinon - Sarah Biasini - Theater


Christophe Lidon has chosen to immerse Feydeau's iconic masterpiece in Paris of the Fifties, which sings and fizzles, faithfully reproducing all the playwright’s codes in order to bring out the unchanging modernity of the words. This is an atmosphere of music halls and cabarets, a world of parties, where seducers of both sex play a frantic score. We once again meet up with Fernand de Bois d’Enghein, determined to get rid of his mistress Lucette, the singer and icon of the Parisian nightlife, on the very day of his marriage to Viviane, the daughter of Baronness Duverger. Plots, misunderstandings, twists and turns... while we are familiar with the dizzying mechanics and the impressive effectiveness so loved of the playwright, the glamorous stage design and the soundtrack temps make us think we are discovering a new play.

Time and Rates

Duration : 1h45

First série orchestra : Public Price 40 € / Reduced Price 37 € /Subscriber 34 € / -26 years 34 € / -10 years 10 €

Second série balcony : Plein 30 € / Réduit-Groupe 27 € / Abonné 24 € / -26 ans 20 € / -10 ans 10 €


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By Georges Feydeau
Stage direction : Christophe Lidon
With Yvan The Bolloc’h, Catherine Jacob, Sarah Biasini, Dominique Pinon, Bernard Malaka