Sunday 19 March 2017 - 20:00

Palais des Festivals et des Congrés - Grand Auditorium
Cannes Destination volver2
Cannes Destination RuizGallotta
Jean-Claude Gallotta - Olivia Ruiz - Music


After their first collaboration on L'Amour sorcier, notably carried by the choreographer Jean Claude Gallota, in which Olivia Ruiz was a singer and dancer, the two friends wanted to collaborate again on a new work. And this is how in 2014, they traced the first outline of the musical comedy structured around the identity of Olivia Ruiz and inspired by her musical world and her journey. Volver is the - classic - story of a young singer who goes up to Paris to try her luck. Raised in an immigrant family, she carries with her all the images, stories, regrets and wounds of her parents and grandparents; painful memories of the Spanish civil war. She finds the strength to emigrate from her southern land to the northern city, both for the music and because of the music.
In this work, marked by the baffling symbiosis between music and dance, the choreography achieves the perfect fusion between the two, while outlining questions about identity and one’s status as a foreigner, so rich and yet so painful.

Time and Rates

Duration : 1h20

First série orchestra : Public Price 30 € / Reduced Price 27 € / Subscriber 24 € / -26 years 24 € / -10 years 10 €

Second série balcony : Public Price 24 € / Reduced Price 21 € / Subscriber 18 € / -26 years 15 € / -10 years 10 €


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New work for September 2016
Design : Jean-Claude Gallotta and Olivia Ruiz
Choreography : Jean-Claude Gallotta assisted by Mathilde Altaraz
Script : Olivia Ruiz and Claude-Henri Buffard
Theatrical design : Claude-Henri Buffard
With Olivia Ruiz (song and dance), her musicians and 9 dancers