Charlélie Couture

Saturday 2 November 2019 - 20:30

Théâtre Croisette


+33 (0)4 92 98 62 77

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Returning to France from New York where he has lived for 15 years, CharlÉlie Couture is releasing a new album, Même Pas Sommeil, which brilliantly proves that he is far from being ready to nod off, but rather that he has plenty of things to tell us: it is a pleasure to rediscover his talent to tell stories that ring true and his melodic touch that has a joyful vocal range.

Three years after his highly successful Lafayette (just long enough to take the world’s pulse), surrounded by a loyal band he sings to us and gives us a full report on humanity, tinged with anxiety and a pinch of revolt. While he tackles rather serious subjects, in a musical timbre enshrouded by blues, rock and the sounds of Bayou jazz, tenderness is never far away with this remarkable songwriter.

More than ever, he is a total artist, capable of using several artistic “vocabularies” (script, music, poetry, graphics, photography, painting) to give form to feelings and emotions. : Excellent. CharlÉlie, returned, but not completely back from New York, rediscovers a constituent independence. Même pas sommeil, his 23rd album, is unlike anything else, yet extends the excellent Immortel and the marvellous Cajun Lafayette. : CharlÉlie Couture continues to carve the American-style blues rock groove that he developed during his New York break, perfectly summarized in the track The Hardest. Like a Lou Reed who grew up in Nancy, he delivers his hits with a velvet-coated fist (and voice). And we offer both cheeks.



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