Five days of racing under the sign of elegance

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Régates Royales CannesFrom September 20 to 27, the world famous Croisette will once again be centre stage of classic yachting with the Régates Royales – Trophée Panerai.

A 60 plus strong Dragon fleet and a true armada of classic boats, including several centenarians, will line up for a unique gathering of competition, style and elegance. Just days after the closing of the boat show, the Festival de la Plaisance (running from September 8 to 13), Cannes will showcase some of the most iconic classic yachts ever, mustering gaffers, fore and aft schooners, cutters, sloops, yawls, J Class, vintage one designs and 12 Metres boats...

Five days of racing with the spectacular setting of the îles de Lérins for a fleet that will be divided into seven groups, according to size, age and rigging. The gathering is nothing but definitely exceptional with some of the biggest and most renowned yachts from the 19th century with the likes of the majestic Eleonora (49,40 metres, designed by Nathanaël Herreshoff), Xarifa (49,70 metres, by JM. Soper), Mariquita (38,20m, by William Fife), Moonbeam of Fife III (30m, by William Fife), Karenita (23,20m, by John Alden), but also some of the hardcore racers from the 20th century like the MaxiYacht Il Moro di Venezia (20,40m, by German Frers) or again the leading characters of the RORC circuit during the 60s and 70s like Helisara (11,30m, Dick Carter's design), Palynodie (Olin Stephens), Stiren (14,25m, by Olin Stephens), Oryx (14,90m, by Illingworth & Primrose) and Ganbare (10,50m, by Doug Peterson).

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