Pantiero Festival !

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Pantiero is a special event that always has a rich and attractive programme!

Pantiero  Cannes
 And in 2015, in its 14th year, the festival has pulled out all the stops.

Having recently won several Victoires de la Musique, Christine And The Queens has become a French pop icon in just 3 years. She has a surprising ability to unite people around her original, vibrant music, and she is unique on the contemporary music scene.
Another sensation, The Dø is a group that immediately intrigued the public. Impeccable writing, a challenging second album, and then a shift to more head-on electro pop, The Dø is one of the few French groups that have achieved international success - along with Yelle, whose popularity across the Atlantic continues to grow.

As for Fakear - the new force on the French electro scene - over the last few months he has smashed all records. Representative of a new generation of normcore and DIY artists and a fan of old school sounds, jazz, world music and hybrid labels such as Ninja Tune, his work has his own unique stamp, giving trip hop the lustre and energy it deserves.
He will be supported by two rising stars from this new generation of producers, Dream Koala and Superpoze - Superpoze has produced a superb album this year.

A magnificent new Pantiero festival in prospect, again with a delicate balance between headline artists and newcomers such as Paradise and Holy Two – two acts that are not to be missed this summer.'

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