Cannes goes Irish for Saint Patrick’s Day!

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Saint Patrick’s Day, the Irish celebration, is particularly important throughout the English-speaking world.
On the Local authority’s initiative, Cannes is now among the cities celebrating this day across the globe, to the benefit of its activity, its fame and its international vocation.

In the Town Hall square at 18:30 on Friday 17 March 2017, David Lisnard, the Mayor of Cannes, accompanied by Leo Varadkar, an Irish government minister, will light up the city’ emblematic buildings in green.
On Saint Patrick’s Day, La Croisette, the Le Suquet church and tower, the Town Hall, the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, and the La Malmaison Centre for the Arts are among some of the most emblematic sites in the Cannes landscape that will be bathed in green light, the colours of the Celtic isle. The mayor has also invited private establishments to light themselves up green.
Meetings, activities and events will mark the celebration throughout the day:
  • 10:00: work session between entrepreneurs from both Cannes and Ireland who specialize in digital technology and tourism, to establish partnerships between the two destinations (not open to the press);
  • 11:45: welcome for the Irish minister by the children’s choir from the music classes at the Macé and Eugène Vial schools;
  • 12:00: Meals with an Irish flavour in the refectories of schools in the Cannes region, with activities;
  • 18:30: the city will be bathed in light in the colours of Ireland by the Mayor of Cannes and the Irish minister, followed by a concert of traditional Irish music and dance in the Town Hall gardens.
With this celebration, Cannes is expressing its commitment to its history, culture and traditions that are both local and open to the world.
Saint Patrick actually lived as a hermit in the Lérins archipelago, in the heart of the Baie de Cannes, at the start of the 5th century, before leaving to take Christianity to the Celtic isle. With its original shape, the Trinity chapel at the end of Ile Saint-Honorat is a reminder of the trefoil that Saint Patrick used to explain the dogma of the Trinity and which became the symbol of Ireland.

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