Review of the Cannes Dance Festival 8-17 December 2017

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The Dance Festival organised by the Cannes Town Council and produced by the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, with Brigitte Lefèvre as the artistic director, kept all its promises.  With a programme condensed into 3 long weekends from 8 to 10 and from 14 to 17 December, with 14 shows, including 8 original French works or premiers, the Cannes Festival of Dance presented a broad panorama of modern dance with its singular aesthetics.
The Festival has great pleasure in announcing a 25% increase in attendance, considerably exceeding its objectives:
  • 10,000 tickets sold, in other words 25% more than in 2015
  •  17 dance companies from 11 nations with 429 artists (including 250 for Carmina Burana)
  • 8 French original works or French premières some of which included live performances from musicians
  • 114 professionals and journalists
  • 21 practical workshops with Jann Gallois, Damien Jallet and Pascal Luce (Cie par Terre-Anne Nguyen) before the festival:  494 participants
  • 4 public rehearsals: 570 participants
  • 4 Master Classes (Robert Swinston, Thomas Lebrun, Jann Welsh, Anne Nguyen) with 71 participants
  • 1 Studiotrade platform: 180 participants
  • 1 conference over 3 days with 26 researchers and choreographers (organised in partnership with CET, URMIS, the UFR LASH of the Nice Sophia Antipolis University, the association of Dance researchers and the National Dance Centre) and one hundred participants.
The Cannes Festival of Dance has clearly opted for eclecticism, gathering together, in the same Festival, the major ballet companies, and the audacious practitioners of contemporary dance while affirming its international reach.
See you at the next Festival in 2019 with Brigitte Lefèvre from 6 to 15 December 2019!

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