FESTIVAL DE DANSE – CANNES From 8th to 17th december2017

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With 14 shows, including 6 new creations or French premières, the Cannes Dance Festival, directed by Brigitte Lefèvre, offers a wide view of modern dance.
After the maritime dream, which was inherent in the previous edition with its movement of infinite flows, this time it is air, giving form to the imperceptible, that is invoked to showcase the cast of this 21st edition. With its accent on creations and above all on youth, whether dancers or choreographers, the Cannes Dance Festival is also a safe haven, the cocoon that allows them to perfect their art before taking off for pastures new.
Resonance and contrast
Brigitte Lefèvre has devised a programme of resonance and contrast. Hence, Don Quixote, a solar ballet danced by the National Ballet of Uruguay, will find an echo in the surprising piece by Robyn Orlin in which the central character is none other than… the Sun King, the inventor of classic ballet. However, it is a black sun that will kindle the dark and telluric glimmers in Damien Jalet’s creation for the Scottish Dance Theatre: Yama.
In a contrasting chapter, Carmina Burana, in a routine by Claude Brumachon danced by the Grand Théâtre de Genève Ballet, will be performed in this monumental version: namely 250 artists on stage! Bringing together a large number of the department’s artistic institutions (Cannes Orchestra, Nice Philharmonic Choir and Syrinx Vocal Ensemble and the Conservatoire de Cannes Children’s Choir) this will be the major event of this festival.
At the other extreme, Trio Concert Danse will demonstrate today’s classic dance in its most intimate version, and will be no less of an event as, in an exceptional fashion, it brings together the international stars Alessandra Ferri and Herman Cornejo, with the virtuoso pianist Bruce Levingston.
Grand masters and young dancers
The grand masters of the 20th century will be present thanks to all the young generations of dancers. The Angers Centre National de Danse Contemporaine [National Contemporary Dance Centre] will present a Cunningham evening comprising one of his rarely-performed master works: Beach Birds. The Teatro dell’Opera di Roma Ballet, directed by the lead dancer Eleonora Abbagnato, will present a Roland Petit evening with The Sick Rose to the famous Adagietto from Mahler’s 5th Symphony, Carmen and Arlésienne. The Cannes Jeunes Ballet [Cannes Youth Ballet] will in turn present Cantate 51 by Maurice Béjart in a programme that also includes Altro Canto I by Jean-Christophe Maillot and Soli Ter by José Martinez, who came last year with the Spanish National Company. Lastly, Thomas Lebrun, in Another Look at Memory takes an interest in the history of scripted dance, and even the body and memory of the dancers.
A feminine edition
At last, in this ultimately very feminine edition, Brigitte Lefèvre wanted to give the floor to three young women, three choreographers with highly individual styles. Two of them, Maud Le Pladec with PROFESSOR, and Anne Nguyen with bal.exe will present their founding works in Cannes, while Jann Gallois, who comes from the hip-hop movement, will offer us the premiere of her creation, Quintette.
Focus on schools and emergence
The Cannes Dance Festival will bring together in its programme the Angers CNDC and its école supérieure with the Cannes Jeunes Ballet, a junior company that counts pupils from the last year of training at the Cannes Rosella Hightower Ecole Supérieure de Danse, as the future of dance passes through her tutelage and the choreographic culture imparted to young dancers and future choreographers.
The Festival reiterates its commitment to the emergence of choreography by renewing its partnership with Carte Blanche to the European Dance Network, Studiotrade in partnership with the Compagnie Humaine of Eric Oberdorff, a founder member of the network.
The Cannes Dance Festival will close with a grand participatory and celebratory ball: the "looping pop" ball, led by Anne Nguyen. It also allows the festival to continue its youth mediation actions: the department’s dance schools and young people from the Cannes districts (MJC, schools, etc.) who will be the first and the most active participants. They will be the ambassadors teaching the public the basic movements and concepts of this robotic dance for couples.
Furthermore, the Cannes Dance Festival will offer for each of its editions:
Awareness-raising actions upstream of the Festival for all publics (schools, associations, works committee, dance schools, etc.)
Master classes for those who want to increase their experience during workshops run by the choreographers or dancers from the performing companies.
Meetings and discussions with the artists and choreographers for those who are simply curious, fans, dancers and academics.
A thematic symposium entitled “Overlap: careers, genre, circulation” and organised by the Centre Transdisciplinaire d’Epistémologie de la Littérature et des Arts Vivants [Transdisciplinary Epistemology Centre for Literature and Live Arts] in partnership with the Unité de Recherche Migrations et Sociétés [Migration and Society Research Unit], the Université Côte d'Azur, the UFR LASH Lettres, Arts et Sciences Humaines [Research and Training Unit, Literature, Arts and Human Sciences] - Arts Department -  Dance Section, and the Centre National de la Danse [National Dance Centre].
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