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The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes has adopted multiple measures to limit the risk of spreading the virus and continues to put new preventive measures in place on a regular basis.

Measures decided on 24 February:
- The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes will equip itself with temperature detection systems and is considering setting up health check points at the main entrances to the Palais.

Measures put in place on 23 February by Cannes City Hall:
Since Sunday 23 February, in order to provide a concrete and effective response for residents and visitors, a vigilance and planning unit has been activated within Cannes City Hall with the implementation of several prevention measures adapted to the situation.

Measures put in place for the International Games Festival from 19 to 23 February:
- Provision of disinfectant solutions (hydro-alcoholic gel) to the public and exhibitors in all areas visited (exhibition halls, toilets, etc) and at each entrance to the Festival;
- Posters near each security gate inviting all those who have stayed in China or transited through China, during the past 15 days, to report to Security at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes.

Measures put in place on 9 February:
- New signage (in French and English) on the site to remind participants of hygiene recommendations
- Introduction of a protocol for disinfecting the microphone for speakers

Measures put in place on 3 February:
- Additional cleaning and disinfection programme in all busy areas and use of appropriate cleaning and disinfection equipment and products
- Online awareness campaign and on-site information panels and signs
- Making cleaning and disinfectant products available to the public
- Awareness-raising for all staff and employees on basic individual preventive actions (personal hygiene, frequency of use of disinfection products, etc)
- Advice to exhibitors on introducing deep cleaning and disinfection of stands and offices, as well as personal hygiene measures and basic preventive behaviours.
- Transmission of public health recommendations and communication advice to hotels, public and private transport, restaurants and fast food outlets etc in Cannes
- Establishment of an emergency unit within the Palais des Festivals from 12 February in order to carefully monitor all developments in the situation and take the necessary measures.

Updates, answers to frequently asked questions and a list of measures put in place by the Palais des Festivals are available on our website:

The World Health Organisation has ruled that the epidemic meets the international public health emergency criteria and intends to publish interim recommendations.  

The updated recommendations of the World Health Organisation indicate that countries should pay particular attention to limiting the possibility of human infection, preventing secondary transmission and the international spread of the virus...

In light of the latest known information, the Committee does not prohibit any travel or trade.

The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès applies and respects the recommendations of the World Health Organisation and all the recommendations of the French health authorities and all police and public health guidelines and protocols. However, as suggested by the International Health Organisation and other health authorities, we strongly encourage exhibitors and participants to also put in place appropriate requirements and protocols to contain and reduce the risk of further spread of the virus. 

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