Presentation of HR Policy

In our competitive world, today we need to meet requirements such as productivity, employment and the maintenance of attractive prices, with significant market reactivity, taking into account both the quality of products and services as well as the men and women that build our future day after day.

These objectives have led us to set up new ways of organising work. Within this framework, the Human Resources Department needs to accompany and above all anticipate change, thus contributing to the performance of organisations.

In this context the desired objectives are concrete, this involves:
- measuring discrepancies between facts and standards established, using targets, law, practice and an ongoing social audit.

- also focussing on real motivation for individuals in an enterprise such as ours, and thus establishing an applicable value code and respect for all. And finally, through internal communication by the Human Resources Department, and in close collaboration with General Management and the Communications Department, improving the image of the enterprise, that is to say the men and women who work in it, its departments and also the HR policy, information on its results and communication of its global strategy.

- A commitment by all bodies in the fields of diversity, equality of opportunity and the transparency of resources.
This Human Resources strategy is deployed via eight key areas: recruitment, training, the organisation of work, the wellbeing and health of employees, career management, remuneration, social regulations and the integration of new technologies.

Our company is based on a system which operates at two levels:

- on the one hand a Board of Directors comprising the Chairman, the Managing Director, the Human Resources Director, the Administrative and Financial Director, the Procurement Director, the Sales & Marketing Director and the Director of Operations.

- on the other, an Operational Committee, executives, men and women in the field, always there to listen to customers, involved and constantly responsive.

Our enterprise culture, mainly represented through our 7 values, enables ambitious performance and quality services.

our 7 valuesOur 7 values : ethics, respect, cohesion, professionalism, creativity, performance and ambition.



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REGIE Régisseur exposants (H/F) CDI 10/08/2022

•    Titulaire d'un Bac+4/5 en commerce ou événementiel
•    Expérience de minimum 5 ans sur un poste similaire
•    Anglais et Français obligatoires

Au sein de la Direction Commerciale et Projets Digitaux du Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes, vous serez amené(e) à accompagner les exposants des manifestations en leur proposant des pr



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Vocational training is a real management tool and an investment in the future of the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès.

It allows all employees to maintain, update, develop, perfect and acquire new skills and know-how to adapt to an environment in constant change.

This must accordingly meet the clearly identified needs and requirements of the enterprise, as well as the wishes of employees. Accordingly we have developed the vocational training program to suit the objectives of each department.

This initial analysis is carried out in close cooperation with the hierarchical manager of the enterprise, as well as being based on the annual evaluation and progress interview and in alongside the Human Resources Department.