Cannes Convention Bureau

Cannes is the second congress business destination in France after Paris. This envious classification is a combination of work between Cannes and its partners, and a team of professionals fully dedicated throughout the year in the organization of international and local events. Cannes Convention Bureau is an exemplary success which could not exist without the competence and commitment of the men and women who work  within the  Palais des Festivals et des Congrès. The flagship of the economy in Cannes is managed by the SEMEC, a private law structure by which its various missions contribute to the global radiation of Cannes.

Cannes Convention Bureau

The management of the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès is the heart of the action of SEMEC. Fifty flagship events host more than 300,000 visitors each year and represent a decisive and economic activity for the Palais and Cannes, which brings the success of the city as a   major destination for business tourism. Cannes Convention Bureau is the vector of this success. The team is at the service and ears of the event organizers and decision makers, and provides adequate answers  to their expectations and also helps them from the first contact until the final touch of the entire organization of their event. 
The Cannes know-how is today internationally known and recognized by professionals and is constantly solicited by competing big cities in Europe or elsewhere. A know-how of the Convention Bureau allows it to conquer new markets, but also to retain year after year the events that bear the excellence of Cannes  cross the world.

SEMEC, Synergy in Cannes

The SEMEC is a private law structure which capital (2 400 000 euros) and is divided between the public sector, 80% by the city of Cannes, and 20% of the private sector.  Its specificity is to gather within a single entity, three missions of different and complementary development. They are the management of the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès managed since 2001 by The SEMEC with total success; the tourism promotion combined with the city; and the organization of cultural public events. There is a fourth mission which is to support and give advice to the local partners. The SEMEC and the hotel partners join their forces within commissions of marketing in order to promote the destination.

This unity in the decision process and in action from a single interlocutor creates a wonderful synergy where effectiveness and professionalism provide the excellence to promote Cannes and offer to decision makers the ideal platform for  the organization of their event.
The fast realization, the flexibility in the management, and the launch of promotions defined from the analysis of the markets, the organization of targeted events, and transparency in all points therefore appear as major assets in an extremely competitive sector. 
A successful contractor for a delegation of public service which was renewed in 2012, the SEMEC is preparing the future with serenity and also with a fierce determination and an intact enthusiasm.

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