Société d'économie Mixte des Evènements Cannois (SEMEC)

Who we are

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A benchmark for business tourism in France and abroad with over 70 B2B events a year and nearly 300,000 accredited professionals. But who’s at the helm of Cannes’s flagship turned société à mission?
What are our missions? Our principles? Our values? Our priorities? Find out all about the CSR-QSE policy of le Palais des Festivals, a policy inseparable from our purpose “The (he)art of sustainable hospitality”.

Our delegated missions

Le Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes is a public facility owned by the City of Cannes, and SEMEC is the exclusive operator under a Délégation de Service Public with capital of €2,400,000.

Created in 1992 and vested with a Public Service Delegation, the Société d’Economie Mixte des Evènements Cannois (SEMEC) is charged with the following missions:

  • Develop and manage a business hosting and organizing events and business meetings (trade shows, conventions, festivals) with a strong international dimension
  • Promotethe CANNES destination, and boost tourist numbers in the Cannes area via the Tourist Office and Convention Bureau
  • Organize cultural events in line with the City of Cannes’ cultural policy
  • Exploit and maintain public facilities in excellent condition


Our principles

Our policy transversally integrates the principles of Sustainable Development:

Duty of inclusion: by exchanging with our employees, customers, partners and local players
Duty of vigilance: by making each player responsible for the CSR policy
Integrity: by respecting ethical rules in our relations with our stakeholders
Transparency: by regularly communicating our approach and its results to all our stakeholders

Our 4 values and areas of development

Our 4 values define SEMEC’s personality and culture:

  • Creation
  • Openness
  • Sustainability
  • Passion

Our 4 areas of development :

  • Hosting new trade shows and conventions
  • Incubating and co-producing B2B trade shows and conventions
  • Developing hybrid events
  • Festivalizing events

Our priority issues

– Reducing our environmental impact
– Ensuring a good welcome and working conditions
– Ensuring the sustainability of the company
– Reinforcing the trust of all our interlocutors
– Controlling the performance of all our stakeholders and suppliers

– Continuously improve the “Palais” experience
– Guarantee the safety of people and property, the security of events and the security of our employees internationally
– Guarantee respect for Human Rights and our ethics charter

We are committed to participating in the reinvention and development of the events industry, federating stakeholders along the path of Sustainable Development while meeting our compliance obligations to leave a legacy for future generations. The final objective being to support a dynamic transition approach in a continuous improvement process, driven by the expertise and enthusiasm of our employees.

Société à mission

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