Auditorium K | 147m²

Auditorium K is a conference room with chairs equipped with benches.

Capacity 147 places

Auditorium K

Stage depth: 3.86 m

Opening: 7.38 m

Fixed screen: 5.50 m X 2.50 m

Simultaneous translation in 4 languages/ Infra red.

Fixed equipment (audio-visual) is hired out with the space.

External personnel are not authorised, except for derogation, to handle the technical equipment made available in the hall. It is the responsibility of the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès to recruit and manage such personnel.

This will be subject to a quote sent to the organiser.
Auditorium K is connected by 4  elevators having the following dimensions (cabin): 1.30 m width; 1.35 m depth; 2.10 m height.

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