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If there is one inseparable word from Cannes, it is without any doubt "festival". 

Cannes Film Festival, the largest festival in the world dedicated to the 7th art. Its scale has enabled the creation of the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, and has offered for almost 70 years an international visibility of the city of Cannes. Ambitious, innovative, proud of its exceptional potential tourism, the seaside city wrote the word "festival" in the plural. Many unavoidable events illuminate the event calendar: from the Pantiero Festival devoted to the emerging artists of the music scene to the prestigious International Dance Festival, but also the International Games Festival or even the Festival of Pyrotechnic Art, Cannes offers throughout the year events and shows of global scale.

If your stay in Cannes coincides with one of these festivals, register the event in your program. You can without delay book your tickets online. And why not offer your employees, customers or friends a moment of exception? Our event department can freely and on your request organize a personalized introduction to the events calendar within your structure. Enjoy your stay and add  a festive note without equivalent

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