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The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes is launching its digital platform dedicated to tourism.


Following the strategic repositioning of the Cannes brand, which now asserts itself under the signature “Cannes, là où les talents s’expriment” [Cannes, where talent expresses itself], and the subsequent new visual identity revealed in September 2021, this is a complete redesign of the digital ecosystem that it operates.

This redesign is based on the development of a global and sustainable digital platform, which will support the development of some ten websites over the coming months, with the aim of: 

  • Providing visitors with concrete information on the tourist offer in the Cannes region;
  • Guiding web users in accordance with their desires, inviting them on new discoveries and offering them an inspiring tourism shop window, highlighting motivated experiences by experts;
  • Increasing the audience and winning them over, in order to motivate trips and encourage consumption with Cannes tourist professionals; 
  • Establishing a control over the digital performance, with a view to continuous improvement by observing online behaviour. 


A new, more intuitive and immersive gateway

  • A new domain name has been created :, in line with the brand's strategy, and with the official tourism social media names (@CannesFrance) ;
  • Geared towards being “mobile first”, it is optimized for viewing on a smartphone, which now represents 80% of web traffic;
  • Optimized thanks to a new information system, « Apidae », it is supplied by the website's dynamic headings and enhanced by new services for both professionals and clients ;  
  • Ecodesigned upstream, with a thought process that guided the choice to the simplest tool possible, truly centred around clients and meeting their expectations;;
  • A new web design set out in line with the new visual identity for Cannes, consistent with th Town of Cannes's parent website and that dedicated to the brand .


New, inspiring content

  • An introduction to Cannes through its districts, which reveal their histories, their attractions, their diversities, their personalities and all the practical aspects for their discovery ; 
  • A showcasing for local “talents”, who share their passion for Cannes through their art, with portraits, open letters, and reviews: Christian Sinicropi, Emanuele Balestra, Anouk Forafo, or even the top tips from the Cannes blogger Abbla Carolyn, etc.;
  • Specific attention paid to developing and highlighting new photos and videos, for powerful visual communication; 
  • Practical information accessible in the menu;
  • Star billing to the events dimension with access from the home page:

This initial version of this new digital platform will be progressively enriched with new content, new translations, and increase its audience in the aim of exceeding 2 million visits by this time next year. 
Make way for the Cannes summer!  

The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes is assisted by the digital strategy consultancy firm ThinkMyWeb within the framework of redesigning its digital ecosystem. 
Raccourci Agency, a web agency specializing in creating websites and committed to carbon neutrality, was selected to develop this. 

Download the press release in pdf Download the press release in pdf

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