Cannes My Way, a unique digital experience to discover what’s new for tourists in Cannes

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Cannes My Way,

a unique digital experience to discover what’s new for tourists in Cannes

Episode 1, Season 1 – Leisure


On 24 June, the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes is launching Cannes My Way, an innovative digital experience to promote the destination to travel agencies, tour operators, incoming reception agencies and the national and international tourist press. This original event aims to help them discover everything that’s new in the destination, as well as putting them in contact with Cannes’ professionals for the purpose of developing their businesses as tourist activity gets back underway.


After several months of lockdown, the main objective is to inform the holiday industry and specialist press that tourist activity is underway again and what’s new for the destination.

Designed as an event, professionals will attend presentations, become part of their stay experience through an interactive film and have access to a networking platform. Interviews with Cannes’ professionals will also be available on request.


This unprecedented national and international operation to promote the destination is part of the ongoing relaunch campaign intended to further strengthen the attractiveness of Cannes for leisure customers.


"As part of the campaign to relaunch the destination, this unique event offers socio-professionals in Cannes new tools to interact and expand their professional network. This innovative digital event is fully in line with our strategy to promote the destination. The city and its professionals are reinventing themselves to offer an excellent quality of services adapted to the times. With Cannes My Way, the city is once again demonstrating its creativity and originality to address tomorrow’s tourism in a different, effective way."

David Lisnard, Mayor of Cannes


Why Cannes My Way?

With the health crisis, travel, especially international travel, has come to a standstill, leaving tourism professionals unable to "physically" discover the destination. Digital workshops and B2B webinars have become more popular, but have always offered pretty rigid formats with scheduled meetings during which interactivity has remained limited.

Cannes My Way is not a digital workshop. It is an agile, interactive event that offers participants great freedom of choice depending on their interests. In addition, the networking platform is open for three weeks from 17 June to 8 July.


Who is Cannes My Way designed for?

Episode 1 season 1 is devoted to Leisure Tourism. Tour operators, travel agencies, French and international reception agencies, the tourism press and Cannes’ professionals will take part in the event. Once they register, they become players in the event and can, from 17 June, interact with one another. In addition, the digital solution chosen by the Cannes Tourism team is used by the biggest organisers. This platform also uses the centres of interest selected to automatically generate the profiles of partners to meet.


What will happen on 24 June?

At 2.30pm, those who have registered will be invited to log in to the platform to discover in less than an hour all the great new additions for tourists and create their holiday stay.

A range of interviews will also help them discover in more detail several new features or projects.


How does the Cannes My Way platform work?

An interacting video

Cannes My Way participants will have the opportunity to build their stay through the options offered to them. Filmed with actors, participants can build a stay for a family by choosing at each stage the experience that appeals to them most. They will also have the opportunity to follow a range of different routes.

Videos on demand

Numerous video shorts mean you can delve deeper into topics of specific interest.

A networking space

All participants in the event can contact each other from 17 June via chat or videoconference and so interact live on the platform. They have complete freedom to accept or refuse requests for business meetings.


Within this context of renewed tourist activity, Cannes My Way offers a digital solution that’s fundamentally different from traditional digital workshops. This event aims to use an interactive event to increase the attractiveness of the destination with the holiday industry.

An episode 2 on business tourism is already underway...

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