CANNES NOMINATED FOR THE WORLD TRAVEL AWARDS 2021 IN THE CATEGORIES: "Best Europe's Leading Festival & Event Destination” "Best Europe's Leading Beach Destination"

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Cannes, Best Europe's Leading Festival & Event Destination 2021


World-renowned for its film festival, Cannes and its Palais des Festivals et des Congrès has for years hosted the biggest international festivals and events such as the Cannes Film Festival, CANNESERIES, MIPIM, Cannes Lions, the Tax Free World Exhibition, the Cannes Yachting Festival, the International Festival of Games, and the Cannes - Côte d'Azur France Dance Festival.


Cannes is the only French destination nominated in this category against Barcelona (Spain), Budapest (Hungary), Dublin (Ireland), London (England), the Madeira Islands, Moscow (Russia), Munich (Germany) and Venice (Italy).


 Cannes, Best Europe's Leading Beach Destination 2021


Three years of work, re-sanding, historical enlargement, then harmonisation and beautification have transformed the beaches of the Croisette. The Bay of Cannes is today a wonderful place for relaxing and swimming with its white sand and turquoise waters renowned for their quality. Its harmonised yet personalised establishments are home to quiet restaurants or festive venues all year round.


It’s also a city on a human scale, where hotels and shops run along the beaches. Its old town also offers opportunities for wonderful walks with an authentic feel.


Cannes is thus the only French representative at the World Travel Awards 2021 to become the best Europe's Leading Beach Destination.


It faces formidable competitors such as Corfu (Greece), Majorca (Spain), Marbella (Spain), Porto Santo (Madeira), Sardinia (Italy) and the Algarve (Portugal).


The excellence of Cannes’ hotel industry in the spotlight


Cannes has high-end and luxury hotels upon which its fame is built. The city also stands out at the World Travel Awards thanks to its private establishments which are also nominated:


  • The Five Seas Hotel in the Best Boutique Hotel in France 2021 category:

  • Hotel Barrière Le Majestic in the Best Hotel Suite in France 2021 category:

  • Hotel Martinez in the Best Hotel Suite in France 2021 category:


Vote for Cannes!


Today, we can all show our attachment and love for Cannes. Everyone can actively promote the development and influence of the city through a simple vote via the following links:


  • For the best Europe's Leading Festival & Event Destination 2021:

  • For the best Europe's Leading Beach Destination 2021:


We all need to get involved if Cannes is to be recognised worldwide for its exceptional qualities!


A positive sign for economic recovery


During this period of global health crisis, Cannes’ two nominations at the World Travel Awards 2021 provide real, positive, encouraging signals for all professionals in tourism, MICE, culture and events who have been badly affected over the last year or so.


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