Cannes tourist revival plan - The City of Cannes develops "local exoticism" to revive the sector

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Cannes tourist revival plan.
The City of Cannes develops "local exoticism" to revive the sector.

At the end of February and the first cancellations of events in Europe, David Lisnard, Mayor of Cannes, alerted us to the impact of the economic and social crisis which was about to hit the tourism industry in particular (cf. Nice-Matin of 5 March 2020).

Cannes is today a deeply impacted city: the tourist industry accounts for at least 25% of the region’s GDP (Cannes Lérins conurbation) whereas the departmental average is 15 to 18% and the national average 7.4%. It also accounts for nearly 50% of jobs.

The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, the mainstay of the destination, has seen a total and brutal cessation of its activity with cancellations of the MIPIM, MIPTV, Cannes Lions, Cannes Festival and Tax Free, i.e. almost 289.8 million euros in losses. With the shutdown of hotels, restaurants and beaches which will not return to full activity due to health protocols, the losses recorded by Cannes as a destination are estimated at 500 million euros.

On 14 April, David Lisnard proposed a national and European “grand Marshall plan” for tourism. Numerous announcements were made on 15 May by the Prime Minister after an International Tourism Committee in which the Mayor of Cannes took part.
With the prospect announced by the Prime Minister of a reopening on 2 June of this year in the “green” departments, David Lisnard is launching an action plan of 13.4 million euros to relaunch in complete safety Cannes’ tourist industry around two main axes:

1    – Economic aid: 10.1 million euros including 2 million euros in exemptions

Since 3 March, the Town Hall and Cannes Lérins Agglomeration have been careful to tailor their approach, to listen to professionals (permanent hotline), revive the banks, financially support professionals (hoteliers, beach operators, retailers, restaurateurs, kiosks, fishermen etc) through direct aid and highway exemptions and fees (almost €10.1 million in support, details in the annex), to facilitate and simplify daily life for professionals during this unprecedented crisis.

2    – Campaigns to boost the destination with 3.3 million euros based around "local exoticism"

A new campaign to relaunch the destination begins tomorrow, Tuesday 19 May: “Cannes, our end of the world”. It targets proximity as a safe option and promotes the richness of our coast, our cultural heritage, our hotel establishments, our restaurants, bars and local shops. It complements the campaign to support local trade "Support our retailers – let’s go back to shopping local" launched on 11 May and which now becomes "Support our retailers – let’s consume local" on 2 June for restaurants and cafes.

This campaign draws on active marketing to offer visitors a moment’s escape, a moment of exoticism in Cannes at a time when the resumption of hotel and train reservations is underway, to offer visitors a catalogue of wonderful events and sites to visit. Cannes’ hotels, through their federation, are heavily involved in this campaign, offering the 4th night free for the first 5000 reservations for any 3-night stay purchased, valid in all hotel categories.

In parallel, a call is being launched to share the best images currently being taken of Cannes by its residents, professionals and first customers around #CannesNow.

Cannes is reinventing itself in terms of events and entertainment and rethinking events to avoid large gatherings:
-    Cannes Ciné Drive at Palm Beach and Stade Pierre de Coubertin;
-    major exhibitions in public spaces (Cannes refait le mur; Nikos and his Test of Time on the Croisette);
-    new events to catch the eye of passers-by (Light Show on the Palais, Town Hall and Le Suquet; Cannes Drive Electro; Terrasse on Air (with carte blanche on the roofs of the Palais);
-    if developments with the pandemic allow it, from September, a major drone show in the bay of Cannes.

This immediate campaign to generate flows will be supplemented by the CRT Côte d'Azur France "Change your Scenery" campaign in early June and by a Mice (Business Tourism) recovery plan which will start in the autumn in major European capitals to attract new recurring events to Cannes.

"This Covid-19 crisis is far from over. Safety takes precedence over everything else so we will adapt to the epidemiological situation. Such dramatic times can also be an opportunity to review our model and further improve our destination by developing "Cannes exoticism". It is a question of bringing ourselves to become consumers of the tourist offer before us to make it a civic tourist act based around “local consumption”. Holidays are about changing places and worlds. We have the capacity to experience Cannes in high season with low-season spatial conditions and rate offers: in hotel establishments in every range, from the campsite to the palace, in complete health and safety and with full accessibility. We are lucky to have access to this diversity of landscapes, cultural facilities, varied shopping, wonderful spaces, the magnificent Mediterranean and numerous activities on land and sea that we will further develop with family packages and free offers for children."
David Lisnard, Mayor of Cannes.
Economic support measures for tourism professionals

    Assistance for beach operators:
•    Exemption from fixed fees for the duration of lockdown;
•    Reduction in charges of €215 000 per month, i.e. €645 000 over three months;
•    Suspension of fixed and variable fees until the end of the year;
•    Reduction in cash charges of €3.45 million;
•    Guarantees replaced by a single bank guarantee;
•    Cash support of €2.8 M.

    Assitance for hoteliers:
•    Postponement of the collection of tourist taxes to help the cash flow of hoteliers and other collectors;
•    Cash support: €358 000.

    Assistance for retailers including restaurants:
•    Exemption from duties on terraces, sign overhangs, display stands, rotisseries, market stalls, kiosks, tourist train, rides: March, April and May. Total amount: €585 000 (€195 000 / month);
•    Exemption from kiosk fees: €76 000;
•    Exemption from tourist train fees: €21 000;
•    Exemption from fairground ride fees: €4000;
•    Total amount of public domain occupation exemptions: €686 000.

    Assistance for major brands (more than 12 metres / Le Martinez, for example, is covered):
•    25% reduction on TLPE (local tax on outdoor advertising).

PR Cannes tourist revival plan pdf PR Cannes tourist revival plan pdf

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