The launch of "Cannes Connection" is here! Cannes’ Ambassadors on TikTok

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The call for applications to become a Cannes Ambassador on TikTok has proved a great success. In just two weeks, the Cannes Tourist Office received several hundred applications.

Ambassadors were selected based on 3 criteria: creativity, mastery of the TikTok codes and their motivation to produce content on Cannes.

These talented people now form "Cannes Connection", and met for the first time on Wednesday 30 June for an afterwork organised at the Hotel Martinez on Ohlala Beach.

Members of "Cannes Connection" will produce content throughout the year on the TikTok @cannesconnection platform to promote Cannes as a destination and its events. They will meet again soon to cover the summer’s various events.

This TikTok ambassador programme, led by Cannes, is the result of a collaboration with the digital brand studio "Firstgen", which supports major brands, entrepreneurs and public institutions in their growth and digital transformation.

The first city in France to launch a programme with this ambition, Cannes is once again affirming its pioneering position in digital technology and in targeting affluencers*. It wants to develop video content and strengthen its presence on the social networks.


"On TikTok, Cannes Connection will offer original content throughout the year to introduce all facets of the city to a young, connected audience. Through this creative social network, our ambassadors will introduce a breath of novelty and freshness."

Régis Courvoisier, Marketing and Communication Manager of the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes


"TikTok is an exceptional place of freedom which really stimulates creativity: it’s the ideal playground for an ambitious city like Cannes which wants to promote itself as a destination by giving it a younger, more sparkling, more authentic look!"

Joseph Repain, co-founder and creative director at Firstgen, in charge of designing the project.  


(*) affluencers: trend initiators


Presenting the ambassadors


@monsieurlifestyle: This Cannes native by adoption loves the city of festivals: "I’m happy in Cannes, having arrived here in 2014 and never left!" He chose Monsieurlifestyle as his nickname: "Monsieur for the very masculine world, and lifestyle to present the Cannes way of life with its hotels, beaches and great places to go". His favourite places in Cannes are “the Martinez, the rooftop of the Radisson Blu and the rooftop of the Five Seas Hotel”.

Cannes on TikTok?: "TikTok is a great way to share for tourism because this network has a young community and so provides a forward-looking way to promote a destination for the long term".


@maili.acd: Having arrived in Cannes 3 years ago, this young 22-year-old influencer still has a smile on her face. She wants to bring lots of creativity to Cannes Connection.

Cannes on TikTok?: "I think TikTok is a great social network for tourism and a wonderful way to introduce the city to the big wide world."


@claratastrophes: This funny, bubbly, jolly young woman grew up in Cannes. She’s happy to join Cannes Connection to show everyone what a wonderful setting the city offers: “In Cannes, we have the sea, we’re close to the Estérel with its fabulous walks and hikes, and all this while being in town. We’re in the most beautiful city in France, all the tourists come here and I think there’s a good reason for that!"

Cannes on TikTok?: “TikTok can only be positive for the city and make new tourists want to come here. It's a new platform that connects a huge number of people around the world."


@sampntravel: This 22-year-old content creator enjoys "sharing short content, exploring destinations, the unusual, and storytelling based on anecdotes." He appreciates Cannes for its climate, great atmosphere and joy of living. He wants to bring to Cannes Connection "his creativity, technique in the shots he’ll take and offer a different angle". He’d like to "remove the clichés that exist about the city, and be able to attract people to something other than the Cannes Film Festival by showing that it has many other riches to offer."

Cannes on TikTok?: "TikTok can be influential in tourism because it lets you reach a different target to that of other social networks like Instagram and Facebook. This means everyone can get to know Cannes and all the city’s facets."


@lisa_brhd: At 22 years of age, Lisa describes herself as "bubbly, always with a zest for life, curious because she’s always looking for new topics and new encounters, and above all, crazy". On TikTok, she likes to share moments with her mum and makes lots of vlogs of her travels and experiences.

She’s more than happy to produce content for her home town. She wants to bring to Cannes Connection "joie de vivre and a presence on the social networks".

Her favourite places in Cannes are: "The Croisette where I like to jog in the morning, the Palais des Festivals where I love the Festival period, and the beaches."

Cannes on TikTok?: “I think TikTok is very influential in tourism. I myself use TikTok to find destinations for my trips."


@teisr: This pair, made up of two young people from the Riviera, @mathieulebonino and Franck, are very proud to be part of Cannes Connection. Highly ambitious, they both want to bring “their creativity through their videos and their artistic touch to the content”. Franck likes to share on TikTok "humorous content specifically about the relationships and tension that can exist between girls and boys". Mathieu wants to "show the city of Cannes in all its aspects" and make the most of the summer period, "the ideal time" to do so. He adores Cannes, "its nightlife, its beaches and the atmosphere". Franck also likes "the summer vibes, the palm trees as well as the luxury side and gastronomy of Cannes".

Cannes on TikTok?: For Mathieu: "The TikTok network is very influential, a remarkable advertisement, much more so than Instagram today. TikTok has an impact and influence to be able to promote a destination as exceptional as Cannes."

For Franck: “I think TikTok can bring a lot to Cannes. No matter where we are, we have the ability to create millions of views at any time."


@Alexe.grd: This 27-year-old community manager describes herself as "unpredictable, punctual (she hates people who are late) and very generous". She loves to share her daily life and great shopping and outing tips. She wants to offer Cannes Connection “her personal touch and experience of social networks”. In Cannes, she loves “the beach, the sun and going out”.

Cannes on TikTok?: “I hope that thanks to TikTok, the city can become better known all around the world."


@elodiemeschi: Originally from Vence, Elodie is funny and full of smiles. She likes to share “her good humour on TikTok and make people smile”. She loves the good weather, the sea and the festival. “She wants Cannes to become the French Los Angeles."

Cannes on TikTok?: "I think TikTok is a very important network for the city: it’s the network of the future. It's a great way to show young people that Cannes is a cool destination and encourage them to come and explore the city."


@alix__p: This 19-year-old student is passionate about discovery, travel and meeting people. He loves to share moments of escape, whether they involve sport, nature, or even culture. He hopes to be able to contribute his knowledge in content production to better share and promote Cannes as a destination. He’d love to be able to film Cannes from the air in a helicopter.

Cannes on TikTok?: "I’d love Cannes to become a destination also renowned for its natural riches."


@monsport06: Maxime is 43 years old and has a passion for sport which he shares on video across sublime landscapes. He intends to do his best to promote Cannes through his images. Of course, the events of Cannes’ cultural life, but also Cannes’ landscapes and the sports he practises there.

In Cannes, he enjoys the sea in both summer and winter, as well as numerous sporting activities and events (swimrun, urban trail, kitesurfing, paddle surfing, surfing, running...).

Cannes on TikTok?: “I hope Cannes continues to develop around tourism, to shine through cinema, while retaining its authenticity and responding to environmental challenges to protect its natural assets."


@instacassii : Smiling, ambitious and sporty, Cassandra loves “sharing her looks, her travels, the beautiful places on the French Riviera and doing challenges because it's fun". She hopes to bring to Cannes Connection "visibility via TikTok and her other networks".

Her favourite places in Cannes are "the Croisette to stroll in love, its private beaches all more beautiful than the others, the atmosphere at night with the rooftop".