World Travel Awards 2021: Cannes – World Vice Champion!

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On 22 October, Cannes was elected European's leading destination for Festivals and Events – a first for any French city! Now, Cannes has been awarded second place in the global rankings! Out of the category's 13 finalists at the World Travel Awards 2021, considered the Oscars of Tourism, Cannes finished only behind Cape Town, beating international capitals including Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai and Singapore! 

"After gaining its fantastic European title, Cannes has been labelled the second best global destination for Events at the World Travel Awards 2021. I would like to warmly congratulate the teams of our City Hall and the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, local tourism professionals, our partners and all Cannes residents and lovers of the City of Festivals around the world, who have worked hard to allow Cannes to reach this exceptional position at the top of the global rankings. This award is made all the more beautiful and meaningful as it highlights the strength that Cannes has shown within the current, difficult context we are all experiencing. I am delighted with this recognition of local professionalism and the quality of our destination."

David Lisnard, Mayor of Cannes

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