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MIPIM, MIPCOM, etc. Cannes Town Hall and the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès renew their historic partnership with RX France for another ten years

Palais Mairie And Rx France C Mairie De Cannes TeamsPalais Mairie And Rx France C Mairie De Cannes Teams
©Palais Mairie And Rx France C Mairie De Cannes Teams|Mairie de Cannes

This is excellent news for Cannes’ economic activity. The Mairie de Cannes, the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes and RX France, formerly Reed Midem, have renewed their historic partnership for a further ten years. RX France, the world’s leading operator of trade and consumer shows, organizes several major international events in Cannes every year. This long-term commitment, which creates major local jobs, testifies to the city’s attractiveness and its ability to host and organize the world’s leading trade shows. It is the fruit of the many investments initiated by David Lisnard to embellish public spaces and, ultimately, prepare the future of the destination. On Thursday February 8, 2024, David Lisnard, Mayor of Cannes, Michel Filzi, President of RX France, and Jean-Michel Arnaud, President of the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes and City Councillor for Culture, signed this major partnership.

Published on 8 February 2024
David LisnardDavid Lisnard
©David Lisnard
David Lisnard

“The stakes for Cannes are high: economic, social and international, so the Mairie de Cannes is delighted and proud of this long-term partnership. Cannes and RX France have strong historical ties, thanks to the development of flagship brands such as MIPIM, the Cannes Yachting Festival, MIPCOM, MAPIC, MIPTV and WAICF. This confidence and consistency demonstrate the reliability, dynamism and appeal of our destination. In addition to its exceptional natural setting, its reception infrastructures and the professionalism of its teams and private establishments (hotels, restaurants, beaches, hosts, caterers, etc.), the town also owes this partnership to the quality of its services.), the city also owes this beneficial partnership to the massive municipal and private investments made throughout the city to maintain a high level of competitiveness.”

Mayor of Cannes

Michel Filzi President Rx FranceMichel Filzi President Rx France
©Michel Filzi President Rx France
Michel Filzi

“Present in Cannes for several decades and organizer of world-leading events such as MIPIM, MIPCOM and the Yachting Festival, RX France has always found in the Cannes destination the professionalism and exacting standards, as well as the magic, that such events require. In an increasingly competitive environment, whether for major destinations hosting international events or trade show organizers, we are delighted with the bonds of trust that bind us, as demonstrated by the renewal of our ten-year partnership. We also share with Cannes the same values and concerns, in terms of protecting the environment and promoting diversity and inclusion.”

President, RX France

A privileged destination distinguished for its quality of welcome

Asthe leading destination outside Paris for business tourism, Cannes is one of the world’s leading event cities. Every year, it welcomes over three million visitors. With its Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, the flagship of the local economy, Cannes welcomes international decision-makers and creators for major events such as the Cannes Film Festival, the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, the Marché International Market for Real Estate Professionals (MIPIM), the Tax Free World Exhibition, the International Market for Communication Programs (MIPCOM), the Cannes Yachting Festival, the World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival and CANNESERIES. In 2023, the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès will be France’s leading convention center in terms of sales. Over the past year, 72 trade shows and conventions were held here, representing 320 days of occupancy. Building on this unique expertise, Cannes was named “World’s Best Destination for Festivals and Events” in 2022 and 2023 at the World Travel Awards, considered to be the Oscars of tourism. It is the first and only city in France to win this prestigious award. In 2021, 2022 and 2023, the city was also named “Europe’s Best Destination for Festivals and Events”. In view of the quality of the welcome and the attractiveness of Cannes as a destination, RX France renews its confidence in Cannes. This partnership, which is fundamental to the city’s economy, bears witness to the solid relationship between Cannes and RX France. It demonstrates the city’s ability to invest in the future. As part of its policy in favor of solidarity and sustainable development, RX France has also decided to allocate a total of €20,000 each year for ten years to the Cannes Endowment Fund (€10,000) and the Cannes Foundation (€10,000). These funds will be used to finance operations to preserve the environment, as well as actions to combat exclusion in all its forms (in connection with childhood and education, and women’s rights).

547 million euros of municipal investment since 2014 to enhance public spaces

As soon as he became Mayor of Cannes in 2014, David Lisnard made beautifying the city and its living environment a priority of his mandate commitment. The aim is to make it a much more pleasant place to live for its residents and more attractive for visitors and investors. To this end, nearly 547 million euros have been invested in modernizing public spaces to match the city’s image and reputation. These include the renovation of Suquet, Carré d’Or, Bocca center, avenue de Grasse, République, Allées de Liberté, Moure Rouge and the legendary Croisette. From the complete restructuring of its underground networks to the requalification of its surfaces, via the creation of a thalassothermal system, it is today the subject of a spectacular public worksite featuring innovative, intelligent and ecological techniques. In addition to the enhancement of the public domain through structuring works, the municipality also owes its attractiveness to its fight against incivism, the Great Cause of the Cannes mayor’s term of office. Since 2014, this fight has been reflected in a consistent policy of “zero tolerance”, combined with rapid repairs to public spaces, and preventive, awareness-raising and repressive actions. Our municipal teams, including our Municipal Police officers, remain fully committed to keeping our city clean, safe and offering high-quality public services. These decisive factors are essential to the city’s competitiveness, and explain the growing interest of business and leisure visitors in Cannes.

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