Pour Le Meilleur et pour le Dire

Friday 15 November 2019 - 20:30

Théâtre Croisette
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Monday to Saturday from 10h to 18h and one hour before each performance at the place of performance.

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Pushing forty, the hypersensitive Audrey wants to have a baby with Julien, who would like her to postpone the due date indefinitely without further explanation. And when the couple’s future is on shaky ground and they’re close to separating, their friends and family get involved and it is within the confines of the psychoanalyst’s office that the threads of things unsaid will untangle, revealing vulnerability.

Tinged with the exhilarating frenzy of vaudeville and the charm of comedy, the piece uses a biting script that is full of spirit to “put the conversation at the centre of everything” and give life (back) to this love story gone wrong through a lack of dialogue and confidence.

A tasty game of words, misunderstandings and Freudian slips follow on from each other over the course of the slightly unorthodox psychoanalysis sessions where we enjoy the play with knowing actors who excel in making intensely human characters shine. Performances served by the delicate lighting and the music by David Basant and Bruno Souverbie, which underline the fluid nature of the scriptwriting.

L’Obs: The show is overflowing with good points. Very well played. Elegant and astute décor. Sparkling dialogue.

Télématin - France 2 : A wonderful creation, full of truth, interspersed with laughter and emotion.

Théâtre online : Sensitive, sharp and light comedy. Perfectly written and performed, a true delight and a wonderful discovery! Rush to see it!



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