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A bouquet of talent
Festival Art Pyrotechnique CannesFestival Art Pyrotechnique Cannes
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During the Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique, magicians of candlelight, princes of rockets and queens of smoke come from all over the world, in July and August, to set the panoramic skies of the Bay of Cannes ablaze. All concoct XXL musical fireworks displays, lasting a minimum of 25 minutes. The public can enjoy the show free of charge, toes in the air on the beaches or from the terrasses on la Croisette. You can even vote for your favorite fireworks team!

Like conductors

International artificers have a brain bubbling with bright (and a little explosive) ideas: every summer since 1967, they compete with imagination and technical skill to create pyro-musical shows on the waterfront of the Baie de Cannes.

Five floating barges, anchored 400 meters from the shore, are at the disposal of these synchronization artists.

Like conductors of a rather unusual orchestra, they lead film music and colorful illuminations in a melodious score.

Coming from all over the world, the professionals compete under their country’s colors to win the Vestals, prestigious awards in the pyrotechnic milieu.

The public as players

At Cannes, we love beauty and competition!

The various prizes are awarded by a jury of specialists, reinforced by celebrities. The team scrutinizes, observes and notes the slightest sparkle in these magical moments made up of successive tableaux.

At the end of the last show, the verdict falls. The 100,000 spectators present on la Croisette, as well as Internet users who can admire the lights live, also have a voice that counts. All are invited to vote for the Audience Prize. It’s easy to take part: at the end of each show, votes are cast online. That’s what we call having the decisive click.

The environment, the top priority

Le Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, the first European Convention Center to be triple certified for Quality, Health & Safety, Environment, is giving the seabed a thorough cleaning during the Festival. Each fire is followed by a deep cleaning. A second, longer run is organized the following morning, with divers scouring the enlarged firing zone. The equipment is also subject to multiple precautions: plastic-shelled bombs are banned. As for the firing system, it uses a radio signal. No need for cables in the water!

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