Antoine Colson

CEO of Ipem

Antoine Colson, head of the Ipem trade show, appreciates the positioning of le Palais des Festivals et des Congrès as a company with a mission to “sustainably welcome the world . He also believes that Cannes is the perfect place to foster contacts and advance investments in the context of energy transition or the development of emerging countries.

Interview with

Antoine Colson

"In Cannes, there's a
village feel"
Antoine Colson, CEO of Ipem

“Share a moment with the Mediterranean in front of you”

“January in Cannes is great! It’s a more intimate moment that allows very high-quality networking in a very calm and pleasant context.


There’s a magic that you can’t find anywhere else. We bring together participants from Paris, London, New York, Munich and Frankfurt.


In January, they’re thrilled to see the Mediterranean. There’s an immediate effect as soon as you arrive: it’s the village feeling.

Our customers stay in all the hotels in the area and so find themselves along la Croisette and at le Palais des Festivals in a context that facilitates contacts in a other way. Even with people you’ve known for a long time, the simple fact of sharing a moment with the Mediterranean in front of you means you discover them in a different light.”

Le Palais, creating connections

“The positioning of le Palais des Festivals is in line with our positions. The events that will continue to grow tomorrow will beextremely green events. Overall, organizers need to be very vigilant about this dimension.


For all that, We must continue to welcome the world, because people need to travel from afar, to meet up, and that can’t be done online. Our mission is to bring people fromthe whole world together in one place. It’s great that le Palais is adopting this position.

We really need to assert this ability to do green, sustainable events and also show that bringing people from all over the world together in the same place will avoid thousands of trips. Someone who meets contacts here from New York and Munich it saves them a flight to New York and a flight to Munich. It’s a dimension that’s all too often overlooked in our profession, and I think it’s important that it’s defended by le Palais des Festivals.”

Le Palais, takes care of everyone

“Welcoming the world to limit air travel”

“Sustainable development at the heart of investments”

“The International Private Equity Market (IPEM) is the world’s private equity meeting place in Cannes. From all over the world, investors, entrepreneurs and fund managers, among others, exchange ideas to advance the projects of tomorrow.

The iPem and more generally the private equity industry are at the heart of the transformations of our world. It’s the place where money is put to work to finance the companies, the entrepreneurs who, tomorrow, will bring new solutions to our societies. Obviously, the issues of sustainability and climate are at the heart of the concerns and investments of asset management companies.

I could say the same thing about transformations that affect technology, health, education, where investment in Africa or developing countries, which are concerned by private equity.

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