Erik Juul-Mortensen

President, Tax Free World Association

Erik Juul-Mortensen, President of the Tax Free World Association, wants his trade show to be ever greener, and welcomes the initiatives taken by le Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes. In his opinion, there can be no future without a sincere commitment to this approach, which concerns the whole of society. And just as well, it’s exactly what we think on la Croisette!

Erik Juul MortensenErik Juul Mortensen
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Erik Juul-Mortensen

"Le Palais des Festivals
is improving the way it works"
Erik Juul-Mortensen, President of Tax Free World Association

Le Palais’s initiatives hailed

sustainable development is becoming more and more important as the years go by. For us, it’s not just about a product, it’s about tall of society. The nature of our business implies that we put sustainability at the top of our priorities, which we do. We strongly value working with partners who take a stand on environmental issues, and it’s also important that they get involved and understand the importance of their adverse impacts on the environment and our working ecosystem.


In fact, they must face up to the challenges, honestly, while offering practical, applicable solutions. Thus, the initiatives of le Palais des Festivals are welcome. All exhibitors and visitors will work to their own codes according to their business and country. And they’ll all want to know that sustainability is important to the place they work from.”


Le Palais, takes care of everyone

“Seeing le Palais proudly, clearly and consistently displayed reassures us and those who come to our events here. It’s important for us to attract exhibitors and visitors to our conferences and trade shows.


Our own initiative, which is called “Go green“, has developed various measures to help exhibitors, delegations, as well as our own organization, to recycle used materials. For example, we have converted most of our documentation from printed paper to digital and encouraged our suppliers to reduce their waste.”


Discover le Palais des Festivals

Getting better and better

Don’t fail

“Our common future depends on all of us making events that are sustainable.

If we fail, we will lose the support of all our members and exhibitors. Our common mission must be to continue to demonstrate that the way we do business continues to improve year after year.

In this way, we will have a future that is just as prosperous, if not even more so than it has been in the past.”

“I’ve been coming to Cannes for the show, since its inception in 1985. I can assure you it’s been a real pleasure to come back every year since. We feel part of the environment, we know a lot of people here (…).

For me, for us, it’s like coming home. As it happens, my wife and I bought an apartment here a few years ago. We feel welcome, Cannes is a place where it feels natural to be, it’s magnificent, international. The city has all the right things and the accommodation we enjoy is incredible. I think le Palais is maintaining and improving its way of working.

Cannes, it’s home!

What is it?

TFWA World Exhibition & Conference

What will international travellers buy in airport stores?

It’s partly at the Tax Free World Exhibition that everything takes shape (and is decided). Watches, clothes, leather goods, sweets, spirits, cosmetics – the full range of products designed to defy the monotony of an airport concourse are presented by thousands of brands, every autumn, in the heart of le Palais des Festivals et des Congrès.

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