Fabienne Silvestre

Director of Institutional Protocol/s. Canneseries Festival Gender & Series

Fabienne Silvestre, Director of Institutional Protocol/s. Gender & Series for the Canneseries Festival, believes that the positioning of le Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, as a company with a mission, fits perfectly with the values defended by the organizers of this event.

The Festival, with its pop and joyful aesthetic, is the annual crossroads where those who make series and… those who love them cross paths (and rub shoulders). For six days, top scriptwriters and actors meet on the now-famous pink carpet of le Palais des Festivals et des Congrès.

Fabienne Silvestre CanneseriesFabienne Silvestre Canneseries
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Fabienne Silvestre

"Le Palais des Festivals is very upmarket and accessible"
Fabienne Silvestre,
director of Institutional Protocol/s. Gender & Series of the Canneseries Festival

“Sustainably welcoming the world”: a matter of course

“Nowadays, you can’t plan events without taking a multidimensional approach. For this to last, we need to think about notions of the environment, of sustainable development.

We too have a hospitality approach. The image we keep of an event is always the smile of the people who welcome you, the feeling you have of being associated and expected. When you hold an event in Cannes, the world comes to you, and it’s important to have this approach.”

Le Palais, takes care of everyone

“In our values, we also have this notion of welcome and openness to diversity, which is a source of richness: creative diversity, people who create, people who come to enjoy. Our joy is to see that the Cannois are in the process of appropriating our festival, that people of a certain age are discovering series in this mythical hall where we normally go to see films (…)

For us, what’s important is the diversity of our programming and it’s about offering as many people as possible the opportunity to live the Cannes experience for talent and for the public to feel welcome all the time. Le Palais des Festivals contributes to this. There’s something tvery high-end about the offering and very accessible about what we want to be and what we hope to be.”

“Openness to diversity”

Le Palais, a place apart

When we arrive at le Palais, it’s always a joy. The first time it’s impressive to operate a place like this because it’s so beautiful, it’s a jewel. Little by little, it becomes a pleasure and now it’s a gratitude to have a place like this to settle into. The grand amphi Lumière is a mythical place for cinema and is becoming one for series through our festival.

We work all year to organize these six days, and the day we roll out this carpet, the cap to the images of Canneseries is a very powerful moment. There’s a magic, a glamour that only Cannes can have. It’s not just a setting. Encounters happen because there’s a magic around it. At every level, from the maintenance staff to the presidency to the technical staff, you can feel that it’s a hive that adapts to the people who are there. You can feel the know-how and the expertise, everything is there.

Le Palais, takes care of everyone

What is it?


Glamor, series and a relaxed atmosphere: Canneseries hosts a competition of series from around the world. Like the Cannes Film Festival, exceptional international juries reward the best from an eclectic and surprising line-up.

This is an opportunity for the general public to discover future hits from productions all over the world.

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