Fleur Pellerin

president of Canneseries

Fleur Pellerin, president of Canneseries, considers le Palais des Festivals et des Congrès’ commitment as a mission-driven company to be a demanding approach that perfectly matches the very essence of their event.

In a video interview, she explains in detail why this initiative is so important and how it fits in with Canneseries’ vision.

Fleur PellerinFleur Pellerin
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Interview with

Fleur Pellerin

"A very strong resonance between Canneseries and le Palais".
Fleur Pellerin, President of Canneseries

A shared commitment to social issues

“I’m quite admiring of the companies that commit to this approach because I know how demanding it is. Bravo to le Palais! The diversity, inclusion, representation of diversity and the question of parity, in front of and behind the camera, are very important subjects for us. We’ve made sure to sign charters, we make sure in our selection that women are as well represented as men.”

“The subject of the environment is very close to our hearts, because we took the gamble of making sure we were a responsible festival, thinking about how we could manage logistics (and in the events business, it’s very complicated) to make sure we had a carbon footprintas small as possible. There’s a very strong resonance between what le Palais does and what Canneseries offers the public.”

Le Palais’s commitments to taking care

The right scenario for protecting the planet

Future talents reveal themselves with le Palais?

“We usually find out after the fact, when they’re finally recognized. Like Phoebe Waller-Bridge who came (Editor’s note, in 2018) to present Killing Eve and also received an award. Then she did Fleabag (comedy series), became extremely famous. She took part in the James Bond screenplay. For me, that’s a very telling example.
I imagine there are also slightly lesser-known actors and directors coming. I hope that Cannesseries can contribute to giving them this success and notoriety.”

Le Palais, talent revelator

What is Canneseries?

Glamor, series and a relaxed atmosphere: Canneseries hosts a competition of series from around the world. In the image of the Cannes Festival, exceptional international juries reward the best among an eclectic and surprising program.

This is an opportunity for the general public to discover future successes from productions all over the world.


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