Michel Filzi

President, RX France

For Michel Filzi, head of RX France, which organizes le Cannes Yachting Festival, Mipcom, Mipim and Mapic, there’s no doubt: le Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes embodies (and concretizes) the notions of welcome, environmental protection and inclusion while revealing talent. It looks back at the societal commitments of le Palais as a society with a mission. The purpose “The (he)art of sustainable hospitality” is, he believes, perfectly suited to events.

Michel Filzi President Rx FranceMichel Filzi President Rx France
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Michel Filzi

"Le Palais' purpose and our own are one and the same".
Michel Filzi, President of RX France

President of RX France

“There are three ways in which we connect with le Palais’ raison d’être “to sustainably welcome the world”. All our events at Cannes are marked by the “3 Es”: experience, emotion and efficiency. First and foremost, hospitality is about human encounters, which are the foundation of all our events.

Cannes is a world-famous destination. At all our events, we welcome professionals from all over the world. In this sense, le Palais’ raison d’être fits in perfectly with our business.

Environmental and diversity issues are increasingly important themes at our events, both for RX France and for and by our customers. More and more, we are seeing environmental issues, diversity and inclusion, take on greater importance in all the economic sectors we deal with through our events.”

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“It’s the very foundation of our business! Our events are in essence meeting places. Human beings are social animals. He needs to meet face-to-face in physical terms to develop his activities, keep abreast of innovations, in short to live.


Cannes has something unique about it. In addition to the beauty of the location and the quality of the infrastructure, it has the ability to bring together in a relatively small space all the facilities to organize events: restaurants, hotels, le Palais des Festivals… This allows our professionals to cross paths all day long. You can’t find that anywhere else.


We’ve noted the great efforts to move upmarket in terms of audiovisual or digital means. While our events are first and foremost physical meetings, they can’t ignore digital. Today, digital is the augmented experience, these areextremely powerful tools to make our physical meetings even more effective. Le Palais has clearly understood this.”

Le Palais, creating connections

“Connect the world”

“Revealing talents”

“Events are the place for revelations, whether artistic at festivals but also at our trade shows where we showcase projects, achievements, personalities, creators.

This is the very essence of our events. The purpose of Le Palais and the purpose of our events are totally aligned.

Le Palais, talent spotlight

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