Festival de la danse

when dance occupies the stage and bodies
Cannes 2023 Festival de la danseCannes 2023 Dance Festival
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The Cannes – Côte d’Azur Festival de la danse is an event dedicated to the living art of dance. It celebrates the history and diversity of this form of expression, by offering quality programming. The festival showcases national and international creativity, with new creations, emerging companies and opportunities for exchange with choreographers and dancers. It also combines cinema and dance through a short-film competition, offering a rich and exciting artistic experience.

Festival de la danse Cannes - Côte d'Azur France

La belle Histoire

There’s more to Cannes than cinema! The dance also holds a special place at le Palais des Festivals et des Congrès with this event entirely dedicated to a living art form born at the same time as Humanity.

Whether initially ritual or religious, baroque, then refined like a romantic ballet, or in the form of tango and waltz before the expressive relevance of hip-hop, dances have a dense history….

This is why the Festival chooses to showcase, at each edition, different horizons of this expression of body and mind, not only in Cannes but also in partner cultural structures.

The Festival thus wishes to defend dance as a major art form in the region and offer a quality, diverse and accessible program.

Meetings, exchanges, masterclasses

dance as an opening onto the world

The entire program is an invitation to travel, a period of celebration and gathering, where the works of the invited companies, but also the encounters, the exchanges, the reflections proposed by choreographers, dancers, company directors, researchers and pedagogues, are all fruitful stopovers.

The wealth of national and international choreographic creation is on show: new creations, emblematic repertory pieces, emerging companies and always times of practice offered with master classes proposed by guest choreographers and dancers.

Dance and cinema: crossing disciplines

As a rhythmic nod to the Film Festival, the City of Cannes has come up with the idea of combining cinema and dance in an event dubbed Mov’in Cannes.

This is nothing less than an international competition of short dance films.

Everyone can take part, as long as the film is no longer than ten minutes. This crossover of disciplines is, in fact, one of the strong points of the Festival de Danse, which welcomes companies sometimes mixing several arts. For the beauty of gesture and spectacle.

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