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It’s the place to be for anyone who believes in the power of creativity,” say the organizers. Every year, le Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity rewards the best in communications and advertising. The event is a global benchmark, transforming la Croisette into the epicenter of imagination driven by the world’s leading advertising agencies. The industry’s most famous professionals, seduced as much by the presentation of the emblematic “Lions” awards as by the business, also take the time to inspire future talent.

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Cannes Lions

When advertising becomes art

Good ideas, originality and surprises abound! The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity knows how, like no other, to bring joy to la Croisette and show that the human brain is constantly pushing its limits… when it comes to innovation. Every year since 1954 in Cannes, this festival unveils the creative epites that make advertising and communication an art in its own right.

Popular awards

The International Cannes Lions Jury, made up of the industry’s best-known personalities, keeps busy, viewing at least 20,000 works from all over the world in numerous categories at each edition.

The advertising films but also the printed communication media are scrutinized.

The metaverse makes a striking entry on the new technologies side, reflecting the image of a festival that doesn’t miss a novelty and anticipates emerging trends in an ever-changing world.

Professional support

new talents

At le Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, there’s a lot of exchanging, meeting, advancing

Thousands of industry professionals come to Cannes to confront their ideas and, of course, make business. But there are also many of them mentoring future talents to pass on their know-how and experience. Le Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity organizes “Academies” led by world-renowned speakers, with classroom sessions and hands-on learning. Attention, places must be earned!

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