Le Festival de l'intelligence artificielle

At Cannes, AI is dissected to better prepare for the future
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The World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival (WAICF), initiated by Mayor David Lisnard, accompanies the revolutionary technological shift towards artificial intelligence. If AI is turning the world of new technologies upside down and shaking up the way we all use it, it’s best to understand what it’s made of and what it brings to the planet.

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World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival

The great leap forward

No one can ignore it anymore – it’s almost everywhere! The IA is now establishing itself as one of the most revolutionary developments of our digital age. It fascinates as much as it frightens.

That’s why le Palais des Festivals et des Congrès is devoting a trade show to it, during which decision-makers and innovators will meet.

In just a few days, Cannes will become the artificial intelligence capital of the world. This includes conferences with the world’s leading specialists. Because to understand is to know a little!

The cutting edge of AI unveiled

The WAICF is also an opportunity to discover, for real, this virtual technology that has… very concrete applications.

The best players in AI offer attendees the chance to get up close and personal with the products of the moment that could be used in business or at home.

It’s also possible to see further ahead by discovering the craziest projects (which may change the world!) through themes as diverse and varied as sport, human resources, well-being or health.

Exchange for all

new talents

Experience sharing isn’t just for professionals. The show also knows how to open up to the general public, giving them access to interactive workshops as well as specially organized experiences for the widest possible audience.

Who knows? Perhaps le Palais des Festivals, one of whose priorities is to connect individuals by creating links and arousing emotions, will be the source of vocations around this technology.

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