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during the Cannes Film Festival
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Behind the glitz and glamour of the most famous of festivals, the world of the seventh art also does business at the Cannes Film Market. Here, film industry professionals work hard to unearth, finance and fall in love with productions from around the world. 13,500 professionals expected.

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Marché du Film

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Producers, distributors, exporters and importers at the rendezvous!

The Marché du Film de Cannes, created in 1959, is considered the most important on the planet. It takes place alongside the Festival de Cannes, offering professionals an unrivalled catalog of everything available on the market.

The future of mainstream films, but also of independent productions, genre films, documentaries and animation films are at stake inside le Palais des Festivals et des Congrès but also in a large area on la Croisette, perfectly set up by the teams.

Le Palais bends over backwards

Film Market accreditation gives thousands of participants the opportunity, among other things, to attend screenings of the Official Selection, in addition to the 1500 other films on offer.

The badge above all enables meetings and business opportunities through the spotlight on the seventh art. Cinema professionals can set up shop at the Marché du Film by renting a stand.

Le Palais des Festivals et des Congrès shows it has resources with its many available spaces. All registered companies also have the opportunity to book the screening of their film on one of the 33 available screens as well as throughout the city.

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This concentration of the driving forces of the film industry, beyond networking and business, gives everyone the opportunity to take stock of trends and the evolution of the sector.

conferences around new technologies are organized. Because everything moves fast in the world of images.

The organizers claim to have one overriding objective in their sights (camera ones, of course!): “ensuring the flourishing health of all cinemas“.

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