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The MIDƐM+ is the must-attend music industry event, in its new formula initiated by the city of Cannes and le Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, brings together the entire profession. The show is also a big party for the general public, with concerts, DJ sets and show cases. Well, let’s dance!

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The right work rhythm

The Marché international du disque et de l’édition musicale (MIDƐM+) is no youngster. While it’s been around since 1967, it’s just been given a second wind thanks to a new formula set up by the city of Cannes and le Palais des Festivals et des Congrès.

Concretely, the event brings together independent labels and majors, publishers,distributors, services, artists, managers, institutions, professional bodies, but also entrepreneurs and brands.

For what objectives? There are many in the musical ecosystem score, but we can cite the expansion of professional networks, the discovery of sources of inspiration and ideas while developing know-how or international activities.

Always innovate!

At the new-generation MIDƐM+, form raises substance (and vice versa).

This festival is augmented, experiential and collaborative. It places music at the heart of tomorrow’s challenges, while not forgetting that this sector knows how to waltz through the absence of innovation.

That’s why creation has its rightful place here, with collaborative intelligence workshops, networking sessions around a professional market, conferences and reflections on both new technologies and the sheer creation that remains the soul of this industry.

Headliners in the spotlight

Alongside BtoB meetings, le Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes produces concerts, DJ Sets, and sold-out showcases.

These moments of communion betweenartists, professionals and the great public allow us to vibrate together around big names like Jean-Michel Jarre, Sofiane Pamart, Dorely, Fatboy Slim or Hyphen Hyphen in 2022.

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