Cannes named an Innovative and Sustainable Destination by France Congrès

by France Congrès

Created by France Congrès et Événements and 9 pilot destinations (Biarritz, Bordeaux, Cannes, Deauville, Marseille, Metz, Nancy, Nantes and Rennes), the label aims to commit all destinations to sustainable development. The approach covers both business and leisure tourism, with the advantage of involving all local players (local authorities, emblematic sites and events, socio-professionals, visitors, local residents, etc.) in implementing the objectives. The aim is to provide visitors with responsible offers throughout their stay: hotels, catering, mobility, activities, shopping, cultural events and events.

Published on 24 April 2023
A label backed by

ISO 20121 certification

It addresses the challenges of responsible event management.

It is divided into 8 issues for 26 actions :

  1. Deploy open and transparent governance
  2. Strengthen sustainable mobility to join the 2050 carbon neutrality trajectory
  3. Foster responsible consumption and fight against waste
  4. Make tourism a driver of inclusion
  5. Valuing the economy and protecting the destination’s heritage
  6. Mobilizing resources to foster sustainable innovation in the tourism sector
  7. Involving tourists, professionals and event organizers in the sustainable dynamic
  8. Add specific attention to public safety

    In order to roll out this approach, several partners are already committed to the “Sustainable Innovative Destination” label:

    • The City of Cannes
    • The Majestic
    • Le Gray d’Albion
    • Lenôtre Traiteur

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