FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DES JEUX – CANNES “Les As d’Or 2023 : Your Best Assets for a Successful Christmas !”

February 23 to 25, 2024

The Festival International des Jeux, the epicenter of board game passion, reaffirms its annual commitment to celebrating ludic creativity. Through its prestigious “As d’Or” label, the event highlights games selected for their excellence, originality and ability to enthrall players of all ages. From now on, these prize-winners become the must-have Christmas presents, guaranteeing hours of unforgettable entertainment.

Published on 24 October 2023



“Akropolis” stood out as the game of the year for players of all ages. This clever strategy game transports players to the world of Ancient Greece, where they build and develop their own city-state. Its mix of simple and profound game mechanics makes it an ideal choice for fun-filled evenings with family and friends.

A game by Jules Messaud, illustrated by Pauline Détraz, published and distributed by Gigamic.

Players: 2-4. Age: 8+. Duration: 25 min.

In the heart of the ancient Mediterranean, rival cities seek wealth and glory.

The most talented architects of ancient Greece set to work. Dwellings, temples, markets, gardens, barracks… these are just some of the districts that will enable your city to grow and stand out. But your buildings must respect a certain harmony and precise rules if you hope to increase your city’s prestige. Stone remains the sinews of war. Make sure you have enough quarries at your disposal, and don’t forget to build in storeys to lift your city to the heavens.

The game’s strengths for the jury:
– Simple rules, with no exceptions
– Satisfying 3D city-building side
– Nice progression curve



For younger players, “Flashback Zombie Kidz” is the clear winner. This thrilling cooperative game lets kids defend themselves against a zombie invasion while developing their problem-solving and collaboration skills. It guarantees hours of fun and learning for kids.

A game by Baptiste Derrez and Marc-Antoine Doyon, illustrated by Jennifer Mati, Laure de Chateaubourg, Michel Verdu, published by Le Scorpion Masqué and distributed by Black Rock Games.

Players: 1-4. Age: 7+. Duration: 30 min.

Lead the investigation in the world of Zombie Kidz. Your mission: foil the evil plans of the zombies!

Flashback is a picture-based investigation game. Go on an adventure and cooperate as a family or with other children in a journey frozen in time.

The game’s assets for the jury:
– Universe beautifully illustrated with images in subjective view (back in the Zombie Kidz universe)
– Original and surprising game material to solve the investigation
– Exercises reasoning and deduction
– Perfect for family play



“Challengers!” was awarded the Golden Ace in the Initiate category for its captivating gameplay and complex mechanics. It offers a stimulating challenge to seasoned players while transporting them into the fascinating world of rocket creation. It’s a game that dazzles with its depth and strategic thinking.

A game by Johannes Krenner and Markus Slawitscheck, illustrated by Jeff Harvey, published by Z Man Games and distributed by Asmodee.

Players: 2-8. Age: 8+. Duration: 45 min.

Win the biggest tournament of them all!

Take on each of your opponents in a duel in a great tournament of supercharged battle game. Your card decks contain characters with special values and abilities, and you’ll make them stronger and stronger from duel to duel. There are 75 distinct characters for ever-varying gameplay!

The game’s strengths for the jury:
– Tournament mechanics, integrated into a single game
– Simple gameplay and the depth of play that gradually reveals itself
– Mood-creating deck building
– Gateway for video game players (“Auto battler” mechanic)



Finally, “Ark Nova” has been hailed as the game of the year for board game experts. This game offers an immersive, strategy-rich experience, immersing players in a world of ark building in space. Its innovative mechanisms and complexity make it a must-have for demanding board game enthusiasts.

A game by Mathias Wigge, illustrated by Loïc Billau and Dennis Lohausen, published by Super Meeple and distributed by Néo Ludis.
Players: 1-4. Age: 14+. Duration: 90 min.

Prepare and develop a modern zoo with a scientific focus.

To run the most efficient establishment, build enclosures to house your animals and support conservation projects to ensure the preservation of different species. Ark Nova is built around 255 animal cards, specialists, unique enclosures and conservation projects, each with specific capabilities.

The game’s strengths for the jury:
– Simple basic mechanics
– Timely theme with the preservation project
– Stressful endgame, nice build-up
– Huge diversity of cards and therefore strategies
– Concrete and satisfying side of creating your animal park
– Author’s first game

The finalists selected in the 4 categories:
– Golden Ace – Game of the Year : District Noir – That’s not a hat
– Child : La colline aux feux follets – La planche des pirates
– Initiate: Alice is missing – Turing Machine
– Expert: Carnegie – Federation

L’As d’Or has become the benchmark for rewarding the best games published on the French market. Each year, the jury, made up of professionals and enthusiasts, evaluates hundreds of games to identify those that stand out for their quality and appeal to all audiences.

These As d’Or 2023 games are now available on the market, and we encourage all board game enthusiasts to discover them. Whether as an unforgettable Christmas gift or to liven up evenings with friends and family, these games are a guarantee of fun and enjoyment.

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