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As soon as you enter the Auditorium Jean Mineur, you’re immediately seduced by its elegance and charm. The red velvet armchairs, arranged in perfect rows, invite spectators to settle in comfortably for an exceptional cinematic experience. Subdued lighting and impeccable acoustics create an enveloping atmosphere.

This auditorium was named in honor of Jean Mineur, a man with a passion for cinema who dedicated his life to the film industry. His dedication and love for the seventh art are reflected in every corner of this mythical venue.

May 2024 : The Jean Mineur Auditorium is getting a facelift. On the programme: renovation of the floors, walls, ceiling with wooden decor, armchairs, entrance sequence in the foyer, and integration of a hearing loop for the hearing impaired.

l'auditorium in figures

Armchairs with shelves
242 m²
39 m²
de Scène
L'Auditorium Jean Mineur fait peau neuve !
L'Auditorium Jean Mineur fait peau neuve !
L'Auditorium Jean Mineur fait peau neuve !

Made-to-measure customization

Le Palais des Festivals et des Congrès is adaptable to all needs and can be transformed for different events. It offers a multitude of services needed to make your event a success. All trades are internalized to guarantee you a tailor-made service with complete follow-up.

Floor plans

Technical info

Technical data
  • Scene features

    Stage stage depth from stage nose to far corner: 3.80 m

    Stage frame: 10.15 W X 4.9 H

    Opening: 10.15 m

    Fixed cinema screen: 8.31 m X 3.50 m

    Doors: 4

    Simultaneous translation in 4 languages/infrared system

  • MC 38 freight elevator features

    The Jean Mineur hall is accessed by the CM 38 lift, whose dimensions are as follows:

    • Cabin 2.38 width
    • 7.35 depth
    • 3.16 height
    • Max. load 3,000 kg

Access to le palais

In the heart of the city, le Palais des Festivals et des Congrès is easily accessible on foot and by road. It is well signposted and close to all amenities, hotels, restaurants and shops.

Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes

1 Boulevard de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes


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