Simon Cook

CEO of Cannes Lions

Simon Cook, head of Cannes Lions, has seen le Palais evolve over the years. For the better, he says, with strong common bonds and a (strongly) shared desire to strive for excellence based on le Palais’ three pillars: connecting the world, caring for others and revealing talent.

Simon CookSimon Cook
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Simon Cook

"Excellence, our common goal with le Palais des Festivals".
Simon Cook, CEO of Cannes Lions

The links of a mission

“Having a sustainable hospitality position is very timely considering the times we live in right now. From our point of view, we want to take the leading position in sustainable development.


We like to be seen as one of the most sustainable events in the world and we are very grateful to have this partnership with le Palais des Festivals because we are bound in this mission. “

Le Palais, takes care of everyone

“I think the three pillars put together (Editor’s note, part of le Palais’ raison d’être, “to sustainably welcome the world”), which give us our purpose, resonate with us. There’s a lot of synergy. We talk about connections, we talk about communities.


I think the common goal for le Palais and us is… excellence. It’s something we strongly believe in. We’ve seen Le Palais evolve over the years as a place where people can come together and raise the bar in their respective industries.”

Le Palais, creating connections

Connecting, nurturing and revealing talent

What is Cannes Lions?

“It’s the meeting place for all those who believe in the power of creativity. The event is a global benchmark that transforms la Croisette into a epicenter of the imagination led by the world’s leading advertising agencies. The industry’s most famous professionals, seduced as much by the presentation of the iconic “Lions” awards as for the business, also share their knowledge with up-and-coming talent.

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